“A lot of people watch football to see the game and to get into the thrill of competition,” Carrey said. “I love football but I don’t have this burning competitive edge to me that is going to die if one of the teams doesn’t do well. I’m a weird fan, a spiritual fan. I like everybody to have a fantastic game, and mostly I like to be at the stadium. It’s a feeling of oneness, a feeling of being with people and being connected to them. I kind of sit there and expand my consciousness and take the whole stadium in and feel all that energy. It’s really a blast.”

That holistic view means you won’t find Carrey in a fantasy league or tallying player statistics. “I don’t do any of that stuff, so I’m kind of useless in the broadcast booth,” Carrey chuckles. “I look at it on a different level. I look at sports as presence, I really do. When guys are at the peak of their abilities and they’re running after a ball and trying to do the best they can to accomplish a task, and they’re completely focused on it, you can’t help but be focused on them, and therefore you’re free from the past and the future.”

I like sports but like Carrey I look at sports on a different level. I like the biomechanics and marketing and sports as a platform.

I like the influence, change and viewership. How people connect and relate through it.

Yes. Occasionally I’ll make a bias option or gesture towards a particular team (Seattle Seahawks, Portland Trail Blazers, Tampa Bay Lighting and other hockey teams) or athlete (Flo-Jo Florence Joyner, Ernie Davis, Carl Hester, Misty Copeland) but other than that I’m not attached to the TV.  Just the experience and moment I get to share with friends.

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Sport (v.) from Old French desporter or deporter; to “divert, amuse, please and play”. “Sport.” Online Etymology Dictionary. Web. 03 July 2014.

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