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I’ve never given a lot of thought about or to Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs).

Until you’re the one in need you never realize how sweet their siren sounds. Or how when you call and hang up abruptly they still take the leap and show up unassumingly. Or their benevolence and humor, their generosity in taking to wipe a wet nose while receiving a lesson in entropy (I had dislocated my thumb).

Accident aside, what I’ll forever love and most remember about my EMTs was how they not once left me or left me to laugh alone.

To the EMTs of Pacific County Fire District #3, thank you for taking care of me. 

City of Raymond, Pacific County Fire District #3

“It’s okay, you can laugh”- Recently I dislocated my thumb. Shortly after laying down on the gurney I received a few milligrams of morphine. Then I all I remember is laughter and laughing.

“It’s okay, you can laugh” slipped out of my mouth when I noticed the technician trying his best not to laugh (mind you he’s on the job and working) while I was trying to give him a lesson in entropy SEE! YOU SEE MY HAND! THIS IS ENTROPY! (me holding up my left hand and showing how my thumb was a perfect example of entropy or how in Alice In Wonderland the Mad-Hatter was mad because of mercury) HATTERS IN 1800’S LOST THEIR SHIT BECAUSE OF MERCURY! (Mad-Hatters Syndrome). FUCK MY HAND HURTS. I NEED A TISSUE. PLEASE.



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