“A Jordanian Spins Comic Book Tales to Counter Terrorist Ideologies.” The New York Times. The New York Times, 28 Nov. 2014. Web. 06 Dec. 2014.

I don’t always give comics their due but this profile made me swoon.

I liked this profile though it made rethink the cost and power of ideas. The cost of innocence and the stories we resonate with.

Makes me wish we were told neutral narratives.

The DC Universe is about legacies. The Golden Age. The Silver Age. The Bronze Age. Heroes passing on mantles to their protégés. Teachers and students. Fathers and sons, mothers and daughters. In the DCU, the sense of family and history is part of the very fiber of the universe.

One of my earliest comic book memories as a kid was when my dad took me to the comic shop for the first time and bought me a copy of THE GREATEST FLASH STORIES EVER TOLD. I remember huddling in my room. … being drawn into a world of lightning speed, chemicals and science, secret gorilla nations, colorful villains who wielded mirrors and boomerangs and a stand-up guy named Barry Allen, who loved his wife Iris and his nephew Wally. Barry was also the Flash, the Fastest Man Alive. He didn’t have the same funny hat as the guy before him, nor was he as grim as the Batman or as strong as Superman, but something about him stuck. He was someone to look up to.

And then there was Wally – a kid relatively my age who had amazing powers and was learning from his idol. Reading Cary Bates’ heartbreaking “Death of the Flash” synopsis toward the end of the collection was both shocking and uplifting – Barry died saving the universe, but his sidekick took over. The student became the teacher.

This is what the DCU is built on – heroes trying to live up to the legacies their predecessors have created, and in the process, creating new ones of their own.”

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