Smart Trawler

Last month I approached the company CEO about using computer aided design (CAD). CAD is the use of computer system to assist in the creation or optimization of a design.

Liking the idea he gave me a green light to go for it.

boats 5

And then we hit a road block.




boats 6

Apparently I’d bitten off more than I could chew.

Somehow the man I work for has manage to build a large successful company without . . not only the internet but a computer.


About the design: The design is a smart vessel inspired by SecondStory’s Build Your Own BallPark and Clever Medkits Intelligent First Aid Kits.

In the instance a part was to break down, an email would be sent to the distributors highlighting the part and model number needed.

The last time the part was replaced would be updated as well as the company information, if the distributor information changed.

Additionally, the vessel would keep an inventory of its parts and part life-cycles automating annual and intermediate maintenance.

This accounting for parts and parts needed would be made accessible to the accounting department for budgeting.

Downside to the design: Proximity (nearness); loss of intellectual property and relationships.

One of the reasons the company I work with is successful is because the relationships my co-workers and I have with the companies and distributors we work with. This also includes our relationship with vessels themselves. We know the vessels and the parts we work with and when (intuitively) not to disregard a part because it could be (of all things) the computer that’s reading it that’s wrong.

boats 4

Inspiration and sources


Clever MedKits

About Ponyo: Ponyo is a second story; a Japanese (and my favorite) take on the Little Mermaid. Ponyo by Studio Ghibli directed by Hayao Miyazaki.

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