My favorite donut shop Mighty O’s is running a Square Holder campaign.

The campaign is run under Community Sourced Capital, a crowdfunding platform that allows pre-established businesses to raise zero-interest loans ranging from $5,000 to $50,000. Square Holder is a name you receive for purchasing a “square”, $50 up to $1,000 in increments of $50. Companies that use the platform pay a $250 launch fee and a $50 monthly membership fee until a loan is repaid. Anyone can participate. Loans have repayment term of three years or less and although businesses can repay the loans faster without penalty there’s no guarantee the squares will be repaid.

Micro loans. In short.

Community Sourced Capital, Mighty-O is opening a second shop. Help fund the Donut Robot.

Community raised: 

Most marketplace lenders are community oriented but that doesn’t mean their loans community raised.

I like CSC because the goal is that the capital is sourced within the community. There’s a likely hood you’re already a customer or investor and you now have an incentive to keep investing or eating locally. A ROI buffer that comes with proximity.

Example: Triodos – Check out their homepage- when you purchase a CD with them you can see were your money is going.

Negative feedback loops (satiation): 

Negative feedback loops are important because they help maintain a state of balance inside the body (homeostasis) and between the body and the rest of the natural world. What happens without it? The body invites disease. You see this as malignant cells (overgrowth/ cancer)- companies becoming the things they should be. E.g. Peeble: E-Paper Watch. Funding goal: $100,000. Money Raised: $10,266,845.

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