It’s pretty amazing what can happen in a year.

Wanted to upload my resume, see what I could add in year. (My birthday’s actually June 7th 1991.) A lot did happen this year.

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 12.51.16 PM Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 5.26.34 PM

Delany Bisbee

2014- 2015
Managed three bottom trawlers and one factory trawler processor remotely.
Work included completing environmental and regulatory reports with local, state and federal agencies; recruiting personnel and arranging staff-travel, interfacing with management and management contacts, including but not limited to: suppliers, accountants, attorneys, insurance agents, brokers, inter-cooperative owners, Coast Guard and Port Authorities and the Environmental Protection Agency.
Additional responsibilities included maintaining an accounts payable schedule and organizing payroll.

Quantitative Analysis
Designed and tested a quantitative data system for monthly and annual financial analysis.
Work included coordinating with current staff and updating proprietary information, OSHA required Accidental Prevention Program and Globally Harmonized System while referencing a pre-established company handbook.

Enterprise Architectural Design
Rich Soil Bank and Biomimetic Banking

North Seattle College
Represented student body on Student Fee Board and Tenure Committee.
Work included reviewing, analyzing and allocating funds that students pay as part of and in addition to tuition, as well as developing guidelines and establishing schedules for distribution of funds.

INTERESTS Ballet for horses, cardboard castles, cupcakes with sprinkles, piezoelectricity for cars.

REFERENCES Please find professional and personal references on the following page.

Cake by Milk Bar if you’re in New York City, Milk Bar’s the spot.

The Blog

The Press

The Books ** I don’t cook but I like reading cookbooks. Chefs are entertaining and she’s one of the best.

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