Mothersday 1

Because you make it look like cake.

This is a holiday gram for Mother’s Day. I’ll break it down with what you need below.

What you’ll need:

  1. A sense of humor (or maybe she will).
  2. The photo i’ve posted below. click the image (it should expand) then print for free from work or home.
  3. A card (this is optional, you can always write on or mark the drawing itself.)
  4. Boxed cake (I like Funfettti and pillsbury chocolate fudge)
  5. Wrapping paper. This can be wrapping paper you purchase at a store or a recycled paper bag.
  6. Scissors.
  7. Tape.
  8. A pen or something to leave your mark with.

The grocery bags are cool because you or the kids can mark it them with drawings, hand prints, x’s and o’s and those awesome-I-meant-to-tell-you-lets-whisper-love notes.

The process + what you need

  1. The photo (when printing out the image you might have to trim the edges to make it more card like or symmetrical.)Mothersday 1
  2. The cardIMG_6015(Remember this is optional)IMG_6017
  3. Boxed cake IMG_6078
  4. Wrapping paper or recycled bags IMG_6056IMG_6021
  5. ScissorsIMG_6034
  6. Tape IMG_6018
  7. Pen or item to leave your mark with IMG_6041The wrapping


IMG_6111The extras: Send it in a priority mail flat rate envelope at your local USPS. At $6.45 it’s cheaper than paying per pound for regular mail.

Below are options for other images.

patreonthankyou 3


patreonthankyou 4

me&you 2

Mothersday 2

Inspiration and story behind the design: I got super high one night and craving more sweets I walked down to the local grocery store. Once there I had the brilliant idea to send a box of cake across the United States to my cousin in Tampa, Florida. She’ll have no idea what think. 

The story later was that she received the box but thought it was so random that I had tampered with it. Later she used it last minute to make a cake for Mother’s Day.

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