General Motors

( Lyft + GM marketing campaign )

Something borrowed
something new
something old
something blue.

Originally I designed this for GM. I thought it would be cool to refurbish old muscles cars and share the process online. Twitter, Instagram, create a website, something intergenerational where the campaign slogan comes in.

The slogan ( Something borrowed something new something old something blue ) is an Old English rhyme detailing what a bride should wear on her wedding day. Centuries old the rhyme is stilled used and talked about today.

Lyft was added to the campaign after becoming partners with GM. Symbolically it sells the slogan:

Something old represents continuity in intergenerational ideas and design;
something new offers optimism for the future in Lyft’s new round of funding and partnership with GM;
something borrowed symbolizes borrowed happiness in working together and the concept of ride sharing;
something blue stands for purity in Lyft’s new partnership with GM.

Lyft back to school.

lyftforgood 4

“The important thing is to have fun” – James Baxter, supervising animator of Spirit.

Inspiration: Outreach, company goodwill.

Could work for Uber too.

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