White House Champion of Change for Sustainable Seafood. Essentially it’s a chance to nominate someone you know and admire for contributing to the ongoing recovery of America’s fishing industry and our fishing communities.

I’m nominating SeaShare. Below is a link to the White House nominating page and more information.
I’ve also included SeaShare’s information to streamline the process if you’re interested in nominating them.

White House Champion of Change for Sustainable Seafood
Nominating page Nominating closes this Friday September 09, 2016.

Nominee Information:

SeaShare 600 Ericksen Avenue NE, Suite 310
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110
(206) 842-3609

Nominee Occupation:
SeaShare is a non-profit founded in 1994 to help the seafood industry donate to hunger-relief efforts in the United States.

Reason for Nominating: You can write what you want but this is what I wrote.
“Collaborative efforts in directing an entire industry to a good cause.
Seafood isn’t cheap and catching it is another story of it’s own; technology, regulations, a wide palate of different parties. SeaShare to me is the one thing we all agree on. Working seas mean working families and healthy communities.  SeaShare closes the loop from fishermen to consumer and shares a livelihood we’re proud of nationwide.”

There’s a lot more to SeaShare and I probably could have written something better. That said given the circumstances of commercial fishermen (regulations/ what we’re allowed keep), logistics, financing (including retail price and health benefits for consumers), marketing and industry support I can’t think of anyone better. They represent the best of our industry and people coming together.

SeaShare for White House Champion of Change


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