“The big premise is that there are duplicate eyes” – I Origins, director Mike Cahill

Me&You (Blink) –

Blink is an iris matching app that collects medical data through gamification and and pays the users back (if monetized) increasing the number of users through a positive feedback loop and inclusive banking design, incentivizing more people to use the app and website. (Imagine if Instagram or Facebook paid it’s users back, a good portion of them under and unbanked.)
What if someone’s iris matches or shows similarities to mine? Does that mean we interpret light the same way, have the same preferences, tendencies and tastes?
Think of it like a game or horoscope app, but instead of using birthdays you’re matching characters using the human iris and light.  Or information, meta data and the world in my eyes.

DeepMind partners with NHS eye hospital to conduct AI research

Updated 01/13/2017
Application as assistive technology: Deepmind

Supporting Medical Research

Deep Learning for Detection of Diabetic Eye Disease

“You’re going for what’s going to feel real, not for what is real. What is real is kind of irrelevant. It’s all about the experience of the audience.” – I Origins, Michael Glen

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Inspiration and sources

I designed this spring 2016 during shipyard while working on the Golden Fleece. Out of the four months during shipyard I got a free weekend to go home. The idea hit me while relaxing and watching i Origins on the couch. At the same time I was also working on a Google “Sprint” and two other designs; beLEVEL, a posture orientation sensor app and a climate change website.

A sprint is a five-day process for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers. To quote, “developed at GV, it’s a “greatest hits” of business strategy, innovation, behavior science, design thinking, and more—packaged into a battle-tested process that any team can use.”

I didn’t have a team as I was working on the boat. But I did have access to Disqus where the sprint was being moderated before work in the 6am (first image) and on cell phone breaks (survival suit image below) to see what questions people were asking and the moderators response. Twitter helped too

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