Americans Now Spend More at Restaurants Than Grocery Stores

Data shows that millennials, in particular, are gravitating toward prepared foods

Restaurant sales exceeding groceries caught me by surprise. I make all meals five times out of the week from home. Breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. Mostly fruit, vegetables and simple proteins. Unless it’s the weekend or I’m traveling. But even then I’ll pack snacks.

I do splurge on coffee. But even then I still bring my own cup which means I have $.25 rolled over for my next cup of coffee. (Don’t kid yourself. When I say simple proteins I mean good-hearty meals. That recipe has veal, pork and beef. . . Homemade cinnamon rolls and flourless chocolate carmel crinkle cookies. My next goal is homemade carrot cake. I shoot for quality not quantity, why I’m particular about what I eat.)

I grew up with scrappy parents. (Scrappy in the context of not buying material things like cloths, makeup, jewelry and cars.) My parents didn’t cook a lot when I was growing up because they were busy; entrepreneurs with multiple businesses, a testy teenager and baby and me. I was the middle so I took care of myself (I was given a charge account at the local grocery store and money to eat out with employees who would drive me around or go out by myself. I usually called friends or my dad to eat out with me.)

I’ve learned to cook on my own and the power of food to create community, but mostly to value myself and slow down.

My next goal is to grow my own food.

Sources and Links

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Why Home Cooking Is Important

Goals I’m striving for:

  1. Eat locally
  2. Be scrappy
  3. Save for later
  4. Start growing

It just makes wonder about what we value as a society and our relationship to other people and food. Do they even teach home economics, how to take care of ourselves in school?

Do people know that the foundation of our country’s food system should be people not machines?


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