beLEVEL is orientation sensor (background app) that notifies you when you’re leaning over your phone.

Correct posture increases oxygen and blood flow to the brain, and takes pressure off of the throat glands, lumbar and organs under the rib cage. Where we get the term “power pose”. Longterm it balances the muscles and fascia. The body’s organ of structure and posture.

Information architecture: Work with health insurance companies and exchange data to provide rebates for customers taking the initiative to better their health.

    This app was inspired by a podcast on nootropics and a pattern I noticed watching people interact with their phones.
    Nootropics are supplements or functional foods that improve brain function. Think biohacking for your brain. The concept behind beLEVEL is after 3.8 billion years of evolution you have the best technology already. *Correcting your posture relaxes the neck and should muscles resetting the diagram and shoulder-blades making it easier to breath, increasing oxygen and blood flow to your brain.
    So. Instead of paying for a nootropic you download an app that alerts you to self correct your posture for free.
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