My thoughts on his interview regarding artificial intelligence.

“There’s a lot of concern about “fake news” lately. That is a real problem, but there’s also the opposite problem: true things that aren’t being said.” — Jessica Livingston, The Sound of Silence

In the video there’s a company and/ or person Elon won’t name regarding the future of artificial intelligence. Since he won’t say it I’ll go out on a limb and say it’s Mark.

The access Facebook has to collect and learn from mass metadata is, I don’t even have a word for it.


From posts and post shares to photos (biometrics and emotion recognition to probably lifestyle and diet) and life events, to tagging your friends (who’s in your network) to adding to how you’re feeling or doing and geotagging yourself. That’s a lot of data. Not to mention how you respond to posts.

“Like”, “Love”, “Haha”, “Wow”, “Sad”, “Angry”. You can take that data on large scale and compare it against world events and climate change (temperature and atmospheric pressure does affect the body) to, I can’t even imagine.

Your intelligence, attention span and creativity. Even temperament. That can probably be gauged. And it isn’t just Facebook but the companies they’ve purchased to integrate their technologies with too ( Whatsapp has a ton of users.). I also wouldn’t be surprised if you could measure someones vibrational frequency (electricity in their body), synaptic patterns for neural priming and ______________ (fill in the blank) by the type of music they listen too.

Sound is essentially a vibration and what you listen to voluntarily could reveal what you like and your what body can tolerate ( Can we push or improve or change this persons electricity (

I’m also going to say Mark because of his foresight, commitment to self improvement and global etiquette.

BRIC nations are starting their own world bank, China’s Renminbi has been approved by IMF as a main world currency, OPEC will most likely move off the petrodollar, China and Iran are making their own oil payment plan and censorship. BRIC nations aren’t like the United States in regards to civil rights and democracy. Would I make compromises to have access to more data, maybe.

Would I make compromises to have access to more data in developing countries that are going through a demonetization, creating a cashless information based society through gamification Hi Bitcoin or conversion platforms that are demographic/ religious aware?

Well. . .

It’s a smart investment I’m going stay quiet on this one.


Jumping back to the United States that changes our banking system and potentially our right to privacy (


Overview Nervous System, Brain, MIT Biology

6.4. Formation and Modification of Neural Circuits (principles of neural circuits) (

31% of global respondents would switch to Google, Amazon or Facebook for banking (

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