“The principle is mob and move” – Joel Salatin

Everything I’ve designed I’ve researched and created in my free time. I’ve never gotten paid to design. It’s always been a curiosity and personal challenge. Can you deliver what you’re thinking? The idea comes and I grab it by the tail before it leaves; I start drawing pulling it back until I have it sitting down in front of me turning and sculpting it like clay adding words until it makes sense and it’s facing me. Not bad. We tilt our heads acknowledging each others presence then blink, shrug our shoulders and move on. You did your best and the rest is outside of you skill flex to accomplish more you’ll have to do less.

Last week I came across a Medium post by a venture capitalist proposing a challenge to create a demo-memo. Essentially you create a profile on a company you’ve been watching for a while to display your foresight and acumen or ability to work in his industry.

Curious to see if I can pull it off I’m taking his challenge up. Not with the expectation of landing a job at his firm but to see if I can pull it off.

“Update: Never disclose non-public info publicly. I assumed that was obvious. Also, Listing 4 companies in a tweet with #FantasyPortfolio isn’t my point. You should write the actual memo or you get no credit for the idea :)” –

My hesitance is doing the work and sharing it without an NDA or non compete. I’m also not as interested in vc as creating a holding company. I’m not after exits, making money and leaving. I’m after value and compounding.

Template to use Sequoia Capital Investment in Youtube

Thoughts to consider Berkshire Hathaway 2017 Letter to Shareholders

I haven’t written a paper in while but I should be able to pull it off. The last document I wrote was an Environmental Impact Statement regarding rationalization in commercial fishing. The document was tricky because the company I was working for at the time was the only one like it with specific rights and provisions in the United States.

Letter here EIS scoping Golden Fleece 9-26-16 final

Provisions and constraints here Amendment 80 use caps and sideboard limits or here Amendment 80 Subpart H or here

I think it’ll be fun. I haven’t written a document on something I was interested in since college on carbon trading and the Kyoto Protocol, and before that real estate investment trusts (REITs) and water on my first college winter break and equities in high school for my senior project.

To my own credit I did design / come up with the Biomimetic Bank idea. That design like all of my work was a moment where I saw something and got curious and made a challenge of it. Can I see it better and I deliver it.

I’m still not sure what to think of it, but for my first project and learning how to draw and code and tell story for a 19 to 23 year old I did pretty well on my own.

How To Be a VC Without Any Capital

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