Factory Trawler

I didn’t mention it but at one point while walking through boat I wondered if a friend who will be running the company had consider the possibility of internal diagnostics and hacking. He’s not a tech person and I didn’t bring it up because I didn’t want to dampen the mood. But when it comes to our country, companies and crews, including food, the way feed our country could become a national security issue.

Last week friends christened their new factory trawler. It’s beautiful. If I had the money under the capital construction fund I would sponsor the factory trawler I grew up on too. It wouldn’t be a $70 to $80 million boat like my friends (I’m not interested in being the Howard Schultz of commercial fishing) but it would be just as nice; more efficient, better technology, seamless ergonomics / something easier on the fishing grounds and crew. . . but I wouldn’t include the technology my friends and the fleet are upgrading too.

This thought came up again when having coffee when a friend burst out “Oh my gosh! Daylight savings time! What would I do without my phone!”

My point is I’ll always bet on a person before a machine. I think there’s something to be said about low tech rules. Trusting the technology / three brains nature’s given us after 3.8 billions years of evolution.

Low tech rules (serviceable by many), high tech rules (serviceable by few).

Three brains: Body, mind and intuition (gut feelings).

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