Life cycle serviceability


I didn’t mention it but at one point while walking through boat I wondered if a friend who will be running the company had consider the possibility of internal diagnostics and hacking. He’s not a tech person and I didn’t bring it up because I didn’t want to dampen the mood. But when it comes to our country, companies and crews, including food, the way feed our country could become a national security issue.

Last week friends christened their new factory trawler. It’s beautiful. If I had the money under the capital construction fund I would sponsor the factory trawler I grew up on too. It wouldn’t be a $70 to $80 million boat like my friends (I’m not interested in being the Howard Schultz of commercial fishing) but it would be just as nice; more efficient, better technology, seam enhanced ergonomics / something easier on the fishing grounds and crew. . . but I wouldn’t include the technology my friends and the fleet are upgrading too.

This thought came up again when having coffee when a friend burst out “Oh my gosh! Daylight savings time! What would I do without my phone!”

My point is I’ll always bet on a person before a machine. I think there’s something to be said about low tech rules. Trusting the technology nature’s given us after 3.8 billions years of evolution.

Low tech rules (serviceable by many), high tech rules (serviceable by few).

The capital construction fund: The capital construction fund allows fishermen to construct, reconstruct, or under limited circumstances, acquire fishing vessels with before-tax dollars. The taxes are recovered by the government by reducing the depreciable cost of the vessel.