Grace changes everything.

For the past few weeks the corner of my left eye has been salt and peppery with white blotches or spots. When I saw my eye doctor on Saturday they told I was classic profile for retina detachment.

We took retina photos and dilated my eyes twice. No detachment or tear was to be found, but they told me that as I know my body best, no pun intended, to keep an eye on it. If the salt and pepper and white blotches keep up you’ll have to see specialist and schedule surgery. If any thing BIG CHANGES you need to go to the ER and see the on call ophthalmologist because you could lose your vision. 

As they were telling me this a few things were going through my head. The first was how grateful I was. All the things I’ve gotten to experience and see. The second was wondering whether to tell my family and friends and third was wondering if I did lose my vision (in addition to my left eye my right eye has a lot of blood vessel growth, which also causes problems) what could I give back and where would I fit in?

Can I compensate with gratitude half the vision I might lose?


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