“It’s so subtle Delany. It’s sooo subtle.”

*starts pointing and circling a bunch of areas on the x-ray*

“But it’s something I’ve ever seen. I’ve never seen something like this.”

*keeps oscillating*

*me finally speaks up*

“Well am I subtle or something you’ve never seen?”

catches on to me and we both start laughing

Grace is how we choose to respond.

It’s called Retinal Vasculitis or retinal vessel cuffing (inflammation). When it’s not isolated to the eyes it’s often associated with malignancy and autoimmune diseases like MS. It’s degenerative and vision threatening but can be maintained with oral steroids. I’m staying positive about it because I caught it so early. I’m also staying positive because I have so much to be grateful for and future opportunities to make the right choice. To choose a positive attitude and enjoy the fact that I have that awareness, power and choice.

Even if it is serious or not (just isolated to my eyes) that’s the woman, sister, family member and friend and co-worker I want to be. I’ve already made up my mind. Plus I’ve got my big 26th coming up, an opportunity to write my first investment paper as a associate for a venture capital firm speak up myself and ask for the job I want, more art to make and a party to throw.

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