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Darling, one of my favorite magazines is providing an opportunity for people to invest in it.

I came across Darling a few years ago when I worked at PCC and have been watching them ever since. What I fell in love with was their mission statement and CEO.

The product from there was a given. The content, the aesthetics, even the material – tactile experience you had holding it.

I couldn’t be happier or more excited for them.

I hope you’ll invest in media that matters too.

If not for yourself then someone beside, behind or in front of you (wife, daughter ..  sister, mom, beloved grandmother. .. whoever that Darling someone is to you.)




Darlings Mission:

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To improve women’s self-esteem by focusing on character and dignity instead of obsessing on body image.

A link to their mission statement here.

They won’t say it in the mission statement but it’s called locus of control. It’s the extent to which a person believes they have control or power over events in their life. Someone with an internal locus of control believes that he or she can influence events and their outcomes, while someone with an external locus of control blames outside forces. What I love about Darling is that their focus is the former of the two. They’re aware of the content their creating and it’s ripple effect on it’s audience including their economics and kids. For example, instead of telling your daughter that she looks beautiful, occasionally ask her if she feels beautiful. It’s subtle but dissolves the need for that outside validation.

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Some other things I love:

Where most magazines feature items out of price range for the average women, Darling features clothing and products within prince range of the average income, not celebrity income. Encouraging savings and living within your budget.

Darling believes in bringing back etiquette, character and integrity. (Modesty and grace.)

Darling believes in being “fit,” yet sees “thin” in context of the healthiest version of you.

Darling never uses Photoshop to alter women’s faces or bodies, and are still finding the most loveliest women to interview. 

And believes that women are not only interesting, but original,

not just good enough, but exceptional,

not just here, but here for a purpose.

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Invest with Darling

I’m investing a small amount, but if I had the $48,000 to invest I would.

For $48,000 or more you get to pitch five ideas for an article that Darling will cover, be it you as the investor and investor’s company, the company of a friend, or a nonprofit of the investor’s choice.

I would pick Kacey Musgraves as a person/musician to be interviewed; Vanessa Stofenmacher of Vrai & Oro, Anna-Mieke Anderson of MiaDonna & Co, and Diamond Foundry Inc. (all lab grown diamonds, companies and people I’m interested in) and Lindsey Shute of the NYFC (National Young Farmers Coalition) I support them when I have extra money in the bank and Kat Taylor of Beneficial State Bank, a GABV bank and B Corp CEO who happens to be a farmer too

There are of course a few other topics and companies/CEOs I’m interested in.

Fabric and understanding people whose lives are affected by trash is one of them. The material input and waste produced by fast fashion and plastic/ disposable “waste” has to change. There are a few fabric/material companies I’ve been watching for a while now but I don’t know enough to comment on them other than less plastic means less plastic in our kid’s food.

And tampons. Being a woman.

“It’s kind of crazy. We use 10,000 tampons over the course of our life. That’s every single month for 35 or 40 years putting a product inside of your body and you literally don’t know what’s in it. . . No more pink boxes or women wearing white pants and dancing around on the packaging. . . It’s an honest and real brand, flexible subscription service for you.”

I love these women and what they’re doing. But what I also love is the larger economics and marketing behind their product too.

LOLA’s current market is in the United States, meaning their growth opportunity to reach other women in westernized countries and countries becoming more westernized is huge. But again it’s not just the product, it’s the marketing and honesty behind LOLA that as an investor, I would want Darling to highlight as well. Why? Because it’s important to invest in and focus on what isn’t going to change over time along with what will.

Jeff Bezos gave this great interview highlighting that if you want to build a successful and sustainable business, ask yourself what won’t change, then invest into that too.

Women and young girls having a menstrual cycle won’t change. Ask Jeff Bezos, he has a wife and daughter. But what can change is the personal and social experience around menstruation. The way it’s marketed.

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