Design Thinking

Keep Your Scraps.

Do Your Thing.

I have friends who call me smart all the time and all I want to reply back is that I keep a lot of scraps. I am smart but I try to be humble about it.

Do I like all of my drawings? Not always. But that doesn’t mean they’re horrible.

I did like the end result of my Lyft + GM  marketing campaign? Not really.

But that doesn’t mean it needs to be thrown away. I do like all of these drawings by the way.

Or even my past two apps and website design.

I was able to design those in the way I did sitting on top of a 3×3 survival suit box during shipyard breaks while crew and the CEO keep interrupting me because I kept a lot of scraps.

So keep your scraps.

You never know when they could turn from seeds into full fledge trees.

Plus, it’s fun to watch your work change. ❤



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