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I haven’t written an investment paper for Thread International yet but I will after Flexsys and Blossom.

Upcycled materials is a industry and process I’ve been interested in for a while. Thread international caught my attention because their product is a cradle to cradle item, not only upcyclying “waste” which doesn’t actually exist but improving the quality of life, communities and the people Western consumption affects.

I think about it a lot but I’ve only had one talk with someone about how our grandchildren will be going through garbage dumps in the future to find and upcycle materials. Think Wall-e the Disney movie.

Thread International is that thought, and dream for something more – people, planet, profit come to life.

What also makes the company different is that they’re providing something people need. Tom’s, the shoe brand where you buy a pair and they give one away is a good idea but that doesn’t mean shoes on the receiving end are what people need. In some cultures people don’t actually wear shoes.

My other interest outside of being an investor is being a brand ambassador. Not only investing in the company but designing clothes with the Golden Fleece, Inc. logo from the factory trawler I grew up on.

My climate change awareness app turned life style triple bottom line e-commerce website would be the perfect place to start with my own minimal clothing line

and this would be the fabric to start I would use.

(In case you’re late to this post – my climate change awareness app now turned e-commerce site is a mock up of Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop life style and e-commerce site but with a more progressive ear to the ground feel.)

Americans love what they wear, until it’s time to throw it away.

It’s not just clothing companies to partner with though right. It’s airplanes, car manufacturers, furniture companies. .. There’s a lot more applications than the CEO in the video is sharing. It all depends on how you define what you’re dressing.

As technology advances people around the globe will become more Westernized. The problem for all of us though is that we live in a tiny rock with infinite resources in the middle of space. We have to start thinking 50 years out. Asking questions like what can we learn from and what are going to be our constraints.

I’ve always wanted to make my own clothes but have been reserved because I didn’t really support the entire lifecycle process of it. The materials and technology we have now though are finally catching up to the future I’d like to aspire too. Upcycled textiles Thread International, lab grown materials like spider-silk, the wedding dress that math built (3D printing). .  there’s a lot be excited for.

I’m not sure in the future there will be a difference between philanthropy and investing.

But what I can tell you is that after technology has had its run, the next investment group on a finite planet will be the ones that are most closed looped.

Mass never changes but volume does.

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