“The big premise is that there are duplicate eyes” – I Origins, director Mike Cahill

Blink is an iris matching app that collects medical data through gamification.

What if someone’s iris matches or shows similarities to mine? Does that mean we interpret light the same way, have the same preferences, tendencies and tastes?

Think of it like a game or horoscope app, but instead of using birthdays you’re matching characters using the human iris and light. Or information, meta data and the world in my eyes.

Information architecture: The application would pay the users back through an inclusive banking design (for use of medical data) incentivizing more people to use the application and website.

This is concept I heard a few years ago listening to NPR. The gentleman speaking was Jaron Lanier, author of The Future of Everything.  

“You’re going for what’s going to feel real, not for what is real. What is real is kind of irrelevant. It’s all about the experience of the audience.” – I Origins, Michael Glen

Application as assistive technology: Deepmind

Supporting Medical Research

Deep Learning for Detection of Diabetic Eye Disease