Biomimetic Bra (wearable technology)

Concept: Bare’ is biomimetic bra. Different than biometrics as you’re not collecting data.

The design should mimic the underlying antagonistic muscle structure for a better support and movement as the breasts sit on top of the muscle and move in a figure-8 motion.

One theory behind breast cancer is that the bra under wiring restricts the function of muscle moment to drain lymph.

Process: Ideation. The goal I’m shooting for is a supportive second skin.

If the breast sits on top of the pectoral muscle how might we create a design that’s supportive of the breast while also acknowledging the muscle underneath? 

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1. Fit, support, comfortability and movement. Breasts change and finding a supportive comfortable bra can be challenging.

Straps dig into shoulders
Bands rise up the back
Poking/ pain from underwire
Spilling out of bra
Straps fall off the shoulder
Soreness neck, shoulders, trapezes (back muscles) and pectorals (chest muscles)

2. Understanding functional clothing. Restriction of clothes on anatomy.

“Fascia is a thin layer of connective tissue that encases your body under your skin like a wetsuit and actually wraps itself around every muscle, joint, and organ. If you’ve ever cut into a piece of raw chicken or steak and seen that thin, white, filmy layer, then you’ve seen fascia.

While fascia is incredibly malleable and thin, it’s also largely responsible for the shape of our bodies. How is this? Well, fascia can store toxins . . Most importantly, it can thicken and harden when it is not used correctly.

When you have a stiff shoulder, for example, often it is not damage to the muscle that it causing it, but a hardening or thickening of the fascia around the shoulder muscles and joint.” That’s fascia.

3. Education and self discovery. Proper fitting method.

Most people don’t know this but Nordstrom empowers employees to help with women with proper bra fittings and specialize in working with oncologist patients.

Individuals don’t have to purchase a bra for a fitting, but can bring in what they have to get feedback and ask for help.

4. Spinoffs. This could be functional clothing for people with disabilities or medical devices that have to be worn like Chest Wall Oscillation Vests for Cystic Fibrosis

Inclusive bras could include magnets instead of hooks (velcro on the skin itches) and finding a product market fit for such bras if you only have one hand or can’t reach the bra around on your own. Arthritis, curvature of the spine, etc. 

5. Curiosity. Why not.