This was my first portfolio.

Not knowing what to do for my high school senior project I decided to use my Scottrade portfolio as a learning opportunity. Articulate my thought process and communicate what I was learning in technical terms.

As of today I’m starting my equity portfolio from scratch.

In my free time I also keep a list of startups I think are interesting. Below is the a short list.


Textiles and manufacturing

Bolt Threads

Thread International

Carbon 3D printing

Desktop Metal

Industrial design


Butterfly HQ handheld ultra sound

Microsoft Inner Eye

Halo Neuroscience


Open Bionics


FlexFoil by Flexsys


Machine Learning

OpenSpace watching

Privacy Labs watching

Emotion Recognition and Eyetracking Software


Eyefluence purchased by Google

Beyond Verbal watching

Real Estate

Bungalow Living


Open Door

New Story 3D printed homes nonprofit

Yielders watching

Divvy Homes watching



Everledger watching Everledger is an open ledger for tracking hard assets like diamonds in addition to current proof of provenance. Houses of luxury have to craft their own products. They can’t claim expertise if they don’t do this. Everledger, a SAAS company, compliments this authenticity adding another layer to the microscopic laser inscription found in high end stones.



Ellevest watching 


Community Sourced Capital closed shop

Bolt watching


Climate and Food


National Young Farmers Coalition nonprofit

Harvest Returns watching

Good Food Jobs

Climate Corporation, FieldView acquired by Monsanto

Growing Veterans nonprofit


IDE Technologies



Diamond Foundry

Restoration Hardware I remember coming across them before they become “popular” 

Something similar to Kettle Chips just not owned by the Moonies

Other investment areas I’m watching

Airlines as software companies

I got to hear a presentation on designing this and was impressed by it’s Howard Hughesness and Starbucks customer service template. Article, Actual Design.

Consent driven biometrics – voice, eye and biomechanics

Thermohaline Circulation e.g. climate change

Lab grown food – This space is interesting to me considering my background in big fish. The concept of organic products who has the right to use the word “meat”, “organic” and who has vertical protection under the Capper-Volstead Act.

Insurance and logistics of food –  Food is essentially a logistics business. Looking at insurance and logistics through climate breakdown.

Carbon sinking and additive manufacturing

Desalination both large scale and modular

Working farmland with access to water


Augmented reality

Virtual instructions and hardware – Cooking, makeup tutorials.

Medical mixed reality – I’d pay a fair amount of money to see and interact my disease. Lesions on my brain and spinal cord. Project Inner Eye from Microsoft Garage is a good example of this.


Machine Learning  Open ended evolution, and anchoring simple concepts to contexts and building complexity through chronobiology and reproducibility.


Open Bionics – In the movie Wonder, a young boy with a deformed face is having lunch with a new friend. The friend asks why the young boy doesn’t get plastic surgery, and his response is “Dude, this is what my face looks like after plastic surgery.”

If you’re watching the assistive technology space there’s a lot of great companies doing great things. Open Bionics caught my attention as a designer because it acknowledges the mental hardship of being disabled and designed something special into it.

Bungalow Living If a homeowner wants to rent an investment property and doesn’t want to deal with the details, Bungalow takes care of it. Applicants, credit checks, etc.

As a rentee, Bunglow checks for roommate compatibility, sets up Wifi, and supplies designer furniture plus basic kitchenware.

My concern with Bungalow is that they over retrofit the houses to fit more people in them. Adding a 10’x10′ bedrooms in living rooms and basements, often where they shouldn’t be.

The question for me is, would I as a rentee want to be there? Do the makeshift walls change the air flow and light dynamics in the house? Does forcing proximity between transient people create tension in the house? How does this affect turnover and the company’s bottom line?

Blossom Finance “Blossom enables investors to grow their wealth by helping micro-entrepreneurs in emerging markets.

Muslims make up 27% of the world’s population but are prohibited from dealing with interest-based lending products. . . that mean 27% of the world can’t charge or pay interest but still needs capital to buy cars, run businesses and grow companies. Blossom brings p2p lending platform best practices to an underserved market. The business model is proven and the success of p2p finance in the non-muslim world proves that the market is ready. Matthew understands fintech and is a compelling founder. This is a huge opportunity.”