Graphic Design Homework Wk 10

This was my final for Graphic Design Level 1. The assignment was creating a movie poster.

The movie I chose was Burnt with Sienna Miller and Bradley Cooper. The movie is about a young prodigy coming back for redemption. As a young chef not knowing how to handle success he lost control both of himself and his community. The movie is about him coming back and creating a space and community for himself. It’s also a story of trust, love and patience.

The concept of my movie poster was to capture emotion and tension. My design process was reducing repeated scenes (tension, details, relationships budding and tearing) into a honest design without guess work or gimmickry. Scale, depth and layering for emphasis through simplicity. It might look too simple but it’s all intentional. I got a lot of great feedback. Color, basic credits, etc.

Below is the movie trailer plus iterations to get to this poster.