Graphic Design Homework Wk 10

Graphic Design, Burnt Movie Poster 1 copy

Concept: This was my final for Graphic Design Level One. The assignment was creating a movie poster.

The movie I chose was Burnt with Sienna Miller and Bradley Cooper. The movie is about a young prodigy coming back for redemption. As a young chef not knowing how to handle success he lost control both of himself and his community.
The movie is about reinvention, creativity, self acceptance, trust, love and patience.

Goal: The concept of my movie poster was to capture emotion and tension. A clean design. 

Process: My design process was reducing repeated scenes (tension, details, relationships budding and tearing)
into a honest design without guess work or gimmickry. Scale, depth and layering. Emphasis through simplicity.

Feedback: Feedback included use of color, texture and basic credits and not being afraid to experiment.