Mood Boards as a Style Guide

Mood Boards as a Style Guide

Kate, my class instructor for Typography Level One recommend mood boards as a style guide reference. I missed the opportunity to do so during class (it was the last class I got the feedback in) so I wanted to experiment with a product concept in my free time.

Concept: User acquistion of augmented reality through celebrity influencers. This is an AR concept for KKW Beauty at Home, Kim Kardashian West in collaboration with Meta AR.

Why: Professional use of AR is a given. Though sometimes new technology gets best normalized through a younger audience Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat. Opportunity to iterate on quality, observe users and build unit economics.

I do belief slow growth is good growth, as good design doesn’t make up for a bad business model and oversubscription to a product can overwhelm management. Manufacturing delays and logistics, unexpected windfalls of cash flow (taxes, timing), customer service, missed expectations and defective products.

For a startup however, influencers do come in at the customer acquisition cost and allocation of time.
Inspiration – “Establish distribution that you can just plug into.” – Where to go after product market fit: An interview with Marc Andreessen

“How gamers with disabilities helped design the new Xbox Adaptive Controller’s elegantly accessible packaging” ​​​​​​​

Iterative images:

Main challenge with this design is light cache.

The complexity of makeup is composed of various layers, and different layering techniques using different shades and tones of color. For AR to transmit the subtleties of shades and tones for makeup via light distribution is complex. You would also have to consider the background in which the image was being projected on. The brilliance of Youtube or video for product advertising is control of the context. Background and light which the product color is being advertised.