Spring Break

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Practicing Adobe Creative Suite: John Bogle

Four weeks into my prerequisites for school I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. At the time the two classes I needed to get through were Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Both ten week classes, introducing me to a new software I hadn’t used before while also adjusting to a body and person (myself) I didn’t recognize anymore.

With arm crutches and good timing of my diagnosis, I never missed a class. That said I didn’t retain a lot. So now I’m practicing, half a year into my certification program what most of my classmates have a few years in.

“I thought you had been designing for years.”  No. I mean, I’ve been designing in my free time but this is only my sixth month in. 

Steep learning curves. In addition to learning design concepts and how to transfer them to mobile, I also have the curve of praciticing other tools like Sketch and Invision. Learning while learning, that’s a thing right.

So here I am spring break, practicing creative stuff. Applying color and using clipping masks. (The first quarter of school I was using Word Document’s “remove background image” feature because it was quicker than trying to learn Adobe products.)

The concept was taken from Selman Hoşgör, a designer who worked with Longines Masters.

To get better, I need better people to practice with.