This is an early website component concept that I got feedback on. I didn’t really understand the assignment, so I created a simple wireframe on paper then transferred it to sketch and started filling it in based on our group mood board.

Before drawing the wireframe I also came up with four goal based user flows, based on the interviews I did, and made rough layout of the new sitemap. Website taxonomy.

What I learned from the assignment was that people and organizations will have different processes to get to the same end goal. A finished product. To me the assignment was out of lockset with my own process and felt like busy work, so I fell back on my process. I don’t know what you’re doing but these are my next steps. 

What the instructor was looking for was screenshots or examples of other website elements I wanted to bring in.

While doing this I learned a few things. One, the earlier the feedback the better. I had an idea of what I wanted to go for, but struggled delivering it. My teammates helped walk me through the concept to clean it up and have an honest conversation about layout value hierarchy over “design”. And they were right, so I changed my design.

Lastly I learned why we don’t show elements together as a concept. Clients might think what you’ve created is the actual design, and get attached to a concept meant as a next step.

A simple exercise to move you from mood board to style board in the design process.

The image below with redlines includes the feedback from my teammates. I chose to show it as redlines to practice what we went over in a developer workshop. How to break down a website.


Component concept after team feedback.

Footer element concept I liked.

The reason I choose this layout concept was that it matched what users mentioned during interviews. Showing the sponsorship and partners upfront was seen as a “quality stamp”; having financial information displayed was compliant for the organization and also served financial advisors or third parties of larger donors who needed the information.