Design Beginnings

Blossom Where You’re Planted

Designer, investor, intellect (quiet, seeking finesse).

I grew up working in a machine shop and on a factory trawler. Where my appreciation for good design, customer service and gentleman’s agreement came from.

That environment also provided the ground-spark for my interest in business, innovation and understanding trends.

It also gave me an appreciation for humility. Introducing yourself as the cleaning lady while hand scrubbing engine room walls, then going to a dinner party with business partners from Japan, with marine grade paint and Never-Seez on your hands.

Designs survival is tied to selling.

As a designer I associate myself as investor because I have an appreciation for understanding the numbers. Project management and business development.

And as a designer I associate myself as an intellect because it requires I quiet my cleverness. Remove my ego. Be open, ask for help and listen.