Professional work experience.

I’ve been on the other side table so I’ve broken down my resume for employers to get a better shape of me as an employee. I’ve never worked in a technology or design company but I’m hoping to make the leap. Longterm my goal is manage my investments and work in a company like Google or Artefact in Seattle. Organizing information and concepts to help people.

The following includes work experience plus reasons for transitions.

On another page I’ll include a few typical interview questions. Strengths, weaknesses, handling hard people and how I generally behave. Is this someone I can trust to deliver for me? 

Work Experience

Temporary, Western Fire and Safety, Seattle, WA 98107

This was a temporary position turned into a full time offer with a welcome back anytime. The original description was to help to re-archive a few file cabinets. I found the position online, two to three weeks was all they needed. I stayed for six weeks and helped organize the back end of their website. Documenting products, helping with some accounting and consulting.

Reason for transition: I left to take care of myself and focus on school. I learned to value work life balance and how to view a website’s HTML source. For example, WordPress versus Big Commerce or a company coding it’s own HTML source.

Bookkeeper, Powell Seiler & Co., South Bend, WA Jan – Jun 2017

Reason for transition: I was accepted to the School of Visual Concepts in June 2017. I was planning to move to Seattle the upcoming fall and wanted to spend summer with my family in Tampa, Florida and on my sister’s U-Pick Blueberry farm in Southwest Washington.

Office Administrator, Jackpot Industries, Raymond, WA 2014 -2016

Operations and compliance person for three trawlers, one factory trawler and one maintenance facility, which included: preparation of operating permits, environmental and regulatory reports as well as recruitment and travel arrangements for personnel. Served as point of contact for suppliers, accountants, legal counsel, brokers and the Coast Guard, Port Authorities, NOAA and EPA.  Installed company’s first computer and associated accounting and filing systems as appropriate. Assistant to CEO and other company officers.

Office Administrator, Golden Fleece, Inc., Raymond, WA 2014 -2016

Coordinated with management and vessel officers, monitored and resolved improprieties, collected and transcribed information for CEO regarding industry rationalization. Assisted with vessel maintenance and basic documentation. Oversaw marine survey for USCG, bank underwriters and insurance company.

Reason for transition: Compensation and work environment. I was the only office personnel covering operations, compliance, cash accounting, and government affairs. I also helped with physical maintenance when asked. Painting, sanding, and wet vacuuming hydraulic oil.

I had negotiated a salary position which was agree upon by management and concurrently turned down as I didn’t have a diploma to call myself a professional. This was my fathers company. He expected a lot from me and I learned it’s better to end on good terms. It took Multiple Sclerosis to change that for us.

Quantitative Analysis, Ekone Oyster Company, Bay Center, WA Aug – Oct 2014

Designed and tested a quantitative data system for monthly financial analysis. Coordinated with management and staff in confidence as appropriately asked to. Counsel to CEO endorsement of Washington State House Bill 1314, implementing a carbon pollution market program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (carbon cap and trade program).

Reason for transition: Commitment to Jackpot Industries and Golden Fleece, Inc.

I had gotten in accident and couldn’t deliver on my first project at Jackpot Inc. because I had dislocated a few bones in my left hand. The owner of Ekone found out and asked if I could help him with a qualitative project. He was getting ready to retire and needed a detailed snapshot of the company’s products (Inventory and Cost of Goods Sold). I didn’t know completely what I was doing. Nevertheless he worked with me and I worked with his accountant and staff. Updating the company handbook, OSHA Accidental Prevention Program and Globally Harmonized System were side projects that came up.

The carbon cap and trade storyboard came up when I overheard him on a conference call. Not understanding the concept, I volunteered to draw a storyboard over the weekend for him and go over it when he had free time.

From there I went to Olympia to represent him at a final decision with his industry colleagues.

I got raise my second week and left on good terms with a full time offer. Or part time, my choice.

Entrepreneurship, Seattle, WA 2011 -2014

My one regret.

I liquidated the portfolio I started for myself when I was fifteen to support myself for this idea.

I missed the longest bull run in history.

Entrepreneurship, South Bend, WA 2008 -2011


Bored and ready to dropout of high school my dad and I came up with a gentleman’s agreement that I could scrap metal from his machine shop yard and invest the proceeds as long as I finished high school and got my General Education Diploma. It was a symbiotic relationship. He taught me how to use plasma cutter and other tools to clean up the scrap yard (wire wheel, fork lift, etc.) and I helped him avoid a fine from the Environmental Protection Agency. At the time they were eyeing him to clean up his scrap yard.

Ineffable. It was one of the best times of my life. I showed him how to use a computer, leverage Google and make investments. He taught me how to show up, believe in myself and listen.

Golden Fleece, Inc., Raymond, WA 2008 – Previous 

I’ve been working since I was nine. For the most part I always had two or three jobs alternating days. Pulling weeds for local business owners, working with my dad and cleaning stalls to pay off horse lessons and board.

People liked me because I was thorough, quiet and kept to myself. I’d work hours without talking to anyone.

Working with dad was my favorite. I started out sweeping shop then moved to the boats when I was confident to climb on and off without his help. We worked together a lot. He wouldn’t ask me to do a job he’d never done himself. Even in 2016. We’d stay up till 2am from getting parts, painting a lazaret, or hand scrubbing engine room walls. Eventually I’d help answer the phone (bag cell phone) and iterate ideas on the shop chalk board. He’s the reason I fell in love with business and designing and engineering. He set the pace so I had to keep up with him. Welding, making mesh (fish net). Understanding market mechanisms, exchange rates, crude oil, managing a crew and not losing your equanimity in lawsuits.

I couldn’t do everything and he knew that. But that wouldn’t defer him from explaining something to me.

He let me skip school to go to my first business dinner. Fish brokers, partners from Japan. We’d work half a day and show up in formal attire with Neverseize and Amercoat (marine grade paint) on our arms and hands. What I got from those years was the reward of discipline, keeping your word and honesty.

I now recognize other salt of the earth people like me.


School of Visual Concepts, 2017-2020 UI and UX certificate program

North Seattle College, 2009 -2011 General Business, Accounting

South Bend High School 2005 -2009 General Education Diploma

Delany Bisbee, Resume

Delany Bisbee, Resume (detailed)

Carbon Cap and Trade Storyboard – Design tools – Google Images, Microsoft Word, Pencil, Paper, Autograph (a lightpad). Timeframe – one weekend. This project came up unexpectedly and I volunteered myself. I had studied carbon cap and trade in high school and had to understand the market mechanism of rationalization in commercial fishing to keep up with my dad, a CEO, where the market mechanism of cap and trade works the same.